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- RPTQ Public Events Schedule -

The very first Regional Pro-Tour Qualifier to be held in New Zealand will be hosted at Hobbymaster Ellerslie on Saturday 31st of October.  In addition to the main event we are running a full range of public events if you aren’t qualified for the main event. (For full details on the RPT check her RPTQ Schedule)

Thursday 29th October

Modern Warm Up Tournament – 6pm Start – $10 Entry Open to all players, get some practice in before the main event with a heap of booster prizes on offer.

Friday 30th October

Friday Night Magic becomes Foiled Again – Every player registered for an event takes home a FNM foil.

12pm FNM Commander – Free Entry (runs all day)

6pm FNM Modern $10 Entry

7pm Legacy Challenge $25 entry Four Rounds of Legacy action with Legacy staples up for grabs. 

7:30pm FNM Battle for Zendikar draft ($20 Entry) and Chaos Draft ($30 Entry)

Saturday 31st October

11am All day Modern Masters Drafts $40 entry with booster prizes

11am Regional Pro-Tour Qualifier – Entry for qualified players only.

12pm Standard Win-A-Box  just $10 entry open to all players.

Sunday 1st November

11am All day Modern Masters Drafts $40 entry with booster prizes

11am $500 Cash Modern Tournament – Open to all players - $30 Entry - Up to $500 in cash in prizes.

3pm Two-Headed Giant Chaos Sealed $70 per team

For any inquiries give the Hobbymaster team a call Hobbymaster Takapuna on (09) 489 2750 or Hobbymaster Ellerslie on (09) 526 5068 or email us at

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