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Magic the Gathering

Deck Builder's Toolkit (Magic 2013 Version) $29.00

The Deck Builder's Toolkit gives any collection a major boost with 225 semi-random cards and four 15-card booster packs -– perfect for new players and players getting back into the game! Plus, they'll get a guide containing info on how to build their own customized deck. Since no two Toolkits are quite the same, your players can challenge each other with a variety of custom-built decks!

Each box contains:

225 semi-randomized cards suitable for building several different Magic™ decks.
Four 15-card booster packs from various current sets.
Strategy insert with deck suggestions and tips on how to build several good Magic decks.
Learn-to-play insert.
Magic-branded, reusable card storage box.
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Magic 2013 Core Set Booster Pack $6.00
One standard 15-card M13 booster pack
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M13 Booster Box (Japanese Edition) $169.00
Japanese edition of the regular 2013 core set boosters
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M13 Booster Box $169.00
BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS: The Magic 2013 Core Set follows the same blueprint as the Magic 2012 Core Set, the best-selling MagicTM core set of all time.

NEW CARDS!: Like the Magic 2012 Core Set, a significant proportion of the Magic 2013 Core Set will be new cards. The rest of the set will be returning favorites from throughout Magic's history.

Factory sealed box contains 36 booster packs
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