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RIX Store Championships

1:00pm, Saturday 7th April, 2018

MTG Rivals of Ixalan Store Championships
Move on from the Rivals of Ixalan set with the season’s Grand Finale: Store Championships!
Hobbymaster Ellerslie welcomes all for a huge Standard event here at our store! 
Date: 7th April 2018
Time: 1pm start
Format: Standard
Location: Hobbymaster Ellerslie
Entry fee: $20
-1 HM Ticket for everyone
-Foiled Promo card (for the first 30 sign-ups)
-Special Deck boxes for top 8
-Exclusive champion play mat for first place
-3 tickets per number of players in the prize pool awarded to the top finishers
For more information regarding the official event, CLICK HERE.