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(Malifaux) Breach of Conduct - Day two

9:00am, Sunday 3rd June, 2018

Breach of Conduct is split into two 3 round 50ss fixed faction events, with players able to play in either or both to suit them and their busy schedules.

June 2nd and 3rd (Queens birthday weekend)


Day two (Earthside)

•Round 4 - Squatters Rights, Standard Deployment
Paired: Guarded Treasure

Undercover Entourage, Covert Breakthrough, Dig Their Graves, Search the Ruins


•Round 5 - Symbols of Authority, Corner Deployment

Paired: Punish the Weak

Vendetta, Take One For The Team, Hold Up Their Forces, Public Demonstration


•Round 6 - Public Executions, Flank Deployment

Paired: Eliminate the Leadership

Set Up, Take Prisoner, Show Of Force, Recover Evidence