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MTG: Dominaria Team Sealed

11:00am, Saturday 19th May, 2018

After almost a full year, MTG Sealed is back at Hobbymaster!

Welcome to the Hobbymaster Dominaria Team Sealed event, in which teams receive 12 boosters of the new Dominaria set to create three 40 card decks, one for each player on the team. They will then compete against other teams, fighting for glory and a grand prize of Hobbymaster Tickets!

MTG Dominaria Team Sealed

Format: Swiss to top cut

Starting time: 11am

Entry fee: $30 per team memeber ($90 all up)

Prizes: 2 tickets into the prize pool for each player, with tickets being distributed among Top 4 Teams. 1st place receives 50% of the payout, 2nd gets 25% and 3rd+4th receive 12.5% each.


The following is the schedule for the event. 

Registration time : 10am to 10:50am 
Players Meeting: 10:50am to 11am
Deck Building: 11am to 11:40am
Round 1 start: 12am