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MTG Legacy: Win-a-Dual Land!

11:00am, Sunday 24th June, 2018

Legacy at Hobbymaster now happens EVERY FORTNIGHT!!


With all the celebrations goin on, don't think we've forgotten about the Legacy Players! This is your opportunity to nab yourself a Tundra dualland!

Our second Legacy event this month. Meet each other on a battlefield 25 years in the making. High prize payout!


Hobbymaster Legacy Fortnightly: Win-a-Dual Land Edition

Format: Swiss Constructed Legacy

Start Time: 11am 

Entry fee: $20

Prizes: The winner is guaranteed a Tundra Dual Land!  



Legacy Format and Banlist: https://magic.wizards.com/en/game-info/gameplay/formats/legacy

See you at the next Legacy event! :)