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Grand Opening Celebration Side Event: Commander Club Extravanganza!

2:00pm, Saturday 16th June, 2018

We've got something special for you all~


It's the Grand Opening Celebration, and don't think we've forgotten about the Commander players! While the 1k Modern is going on in the background, we know why you're really here - to play in the BEST format. This may not be a 1k, but we'll be cracking a FTV: Lore and giving out the singles as spot prizes! So you might get your hands on some super cool cards, like foil Marit Lage and Dark Depths, or even Umezawa's Jitte! 

And all while getting to play awesome games of Magic: The Gathering? I think thats some pretty good value!

Also, if you've never gotten the chance to play it before, you'll get to try out Commander Adventures - a variant format where player complete objectives and get bonuses!


Magic: The Gathering Commander Club Extravaganza!

Format: Commander - Pods

Start Time: 2pm

Entry Fee: $10

Prizes: Players will be in the draw to win some awesome singles from a FTV: Lore! As well as taking home a ticket AND getting to play an awesome format with new friends!