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Grand Opening Celebration: FFTCG Gigantuar Tournament!

11:00am, Saturday 30th June, 2018

Hobbymaster Gigantuar Final Fantasy Event

Format: FFTCG – Swiss

Start Time: 11am

Entry Fee: $25

Prizes: Each player will receive a randomised promotional card from those available to us. Each player will also get 4 boosters of their choice!

                1st place will receive will receive 1 copy of each promo we have INCLUDING FOILS! As well FOUR additional boosters of their choice.

                2nd place will receive 1 random foil and 1 copy of each promo that we have!

                3rd and 4th receive 1 random foil and 2 random non-foil promos.

                5th-8th receive 2 random promos!