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Auckland Model Citizens - AoS: The Labyrinth of Eternity

9:00am, Sunday 23rd September, 2018

An AoS2 one dayer by the Model Citizens. Narrative but using Matched play rules for army composition. 4 games in the day.

1k singles event
$20 entry
Limited to 10 tables

NOTE TO PLAYERS: I will post a players pack in due course, but please note that ALL MODELS ARE TO BE PAINTED AND BASED. We don't mind if you're not Duncan or it's a work in progress – but only primed, bare bases, or bare plastic will not be allowed on the tables (this includes summoned models and endless spells – though summoned models will not be judged for painting prize unless you would like it to be).

------The Labyrinth of Eternity------

In the depths of Shyish an ancient empire, long since extinct and forgotten, housed their greatest treasures and their very beings in a place they considered so secure they assumed none would ever be able to defile it's sanctity. They called their mighty construction The Labyrinth of Eternity. 

In tales and legends in the millennia that followed the treasures and power said to be housed in the pyramids that lay at the centre were dreamed of and fantasised about by generation after generation. The fame of the Labyrinth has been speculated by treasure seekers, archaeologists and written about in best-selling illuminations by the scholars of Hysh. In their fantasies no sorcery could surely break its many layered charms and curses? No map could chart it's wicked traps and convoluted mind bending architecture? 

That was until the great Necromancer unleashed the necroquake. 

The protections undone, the great myth was revealed as truth and the illusionary spell that kept the Labyrinth hidden fell. Deep within the endless deserts of the Voidscape on the eastern edge of the realm of Shyish lay prizes and treasures too powerful to be allowed into the hands of our dreaded enemies.