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MTG Store Championship: Core Set 19

11:00am, Sunday 16th September, 2018

MTG Store Championships: Core Set 19!
Move on from Core Set 19 into Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) with the Standard season’s Grand Finale - the Store Championships!
This season brings something new, with the first Draft Store Championships for Hobbymaster Event Centre!
Date: 16 September 2018
Time: 11am start
Format: Draft - Swiss, Cut to Top
Location: Hobbymaster Ellerslie
Entry fee: $30 booking online. $35 on the day. 
-1 HM Ticket for everyone
-Foiled Promo card - Emmara, Soul of the Accord (for the first 30 sign-ups)
-Special Deck boxes for top 8
-Exclusive champion play mat for first place
-2 tickets per number of players in the prize pool awarded to the top finishers
For those new to this, players will be sorted into pods of 6-8 participants. Each player will receive 3 packs of Core Set 19. Opening one pack, taking a card and passing it to their left until the pack is empty, then opening the second pack and passing to the right, then the left again. They will then play in a Swiss format tournament.
After this, if there are 12 or more players in the Store Championship, the top players will go into a elimination tournament to decide who truly receives the title of Core Set 19 Store Champion!
For more information regarding the official event, CLICK HERE.