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First RPTQ of 2018

11:00am, Sunday 30th July, 2017

PPTQ - First RPTQ of 2018 
Format: Modern
Registration Closes: 10:50am
Start Time: 11am
30th July
Entry fee: $35
Prize structure (32 players minimum):
1st - 1 box of MM2017
2nd - 16 packs of MM2017
3rd-4th - 8 packs of MM2017
5th-8th - 4 packs of MM2017
9th- 2 packs of any standard legal set boosters
with 40 or more players, winner gets 2 boxes of MM2017
with 50 or more players, winner gets 3 boxes of MM2017
with 60 or more players, winner gets 4 boxes of MM2017 PLUS top 8 players gets a FREE MM2017 draft to determine the winner!
Pre-Registration is highly encouraged!