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Transformers Combiner Wars Launch Party!

12:00pm, Friday 1st March, 2019


To celebrate the launch of the new Combiner Wars set, Hobbymaster is launching a Launch event.

All day Turbo Sealed.

Find an opponent and issue the challenge! 

$12 per entry, BO 1. Winner of the match gets an extra booster,

Sealed Deckat 6.30pm

$30 per player

5 Packs per Player,

Form a deck of up to 25 stars worth of transformers from your pool.
Form a deck of 25 cards

3 rounds swiss BO1

Additional prizes given to top players.

More Info about the limited formats can be found here. https://wpn.wizards.com/en/article/introducing-transformers-tcg-limited-formats

Players are encouraged to bring their trades for this exciting release. Hobbymaster will also be offering Singles for sales for those of you that wish to purchase.