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MTG War of the Spark Open House & Release Weekend!

10:00am, Saturday 4th May, 2019

Hobbymaster Event Centre would like to invite you to learn to play MTG at this Magic Open House Event. And what time is better to learn but the War of the Spark Release!

Participants in the Open House, both old and new, will receives free welcome decks and a full art foil promo card - (TBA)!

Experienced players are welcomed to come on in, play some casual games, share your knowledge and help to build your MTG community! 


Hobbymaster MTG War of the Spark Open House

Format: MTG - Free for all!

Start Time: 12pm

Entry Fee: FREE!

Prizes: The experience of playing MTG, meeting new people, and getting shiny promo cards!



Those a bit more experienced, or those wanting to try something a bit higher leveled may be more interested in drafting the newest set to hit the streets, War of the Spark! Join the fight for or against Bolas and experience the cards that will decide the fate of the Ravnica storyline!


War of the Spark Draft!

Start times: 11:30am & 2.30pm

Entry Fee: $20

Every player will receive 1 Hobbymaster ticket AND a special promo to help those who are celebrating the newest set! First and second place in each pod will also receive additional Hobbymaster  tickets.


See you there! :^)