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HobbyMaster Miraculous Revival Power Up Sealed Event

12:00pm, Sunday 28th April, 2019

HobbyMaster proudly present the Miraculous Revival Power Up Sealed Event.

Date: Sunday 28 Apr 2019
Time: 12pm
Entry: $50

Each participant will receive 1 x Power Pack – Miraculous Revival  and 6 Miraculous Revival booster packs with their tournament entry.

Prizes will be anounced at a later date.

Best of 1, 
30 minute rounds

Players must build a 41-card deck consisting of 40 Battle/Extra cards and a Leader Card.
A deck may include more than four copies of a single card.
Any cards not included in the deck can be used as sideboard cards.
*Leader Cards can also be included in the sideboard.

Each player keeps all the cards they took from boosters during this sealed event.