MTG Friday Night Magic!

7:00pm, Friday 1st May, 2020

Come on in and join the community in a worldwide event every week – FRIDAY NIGHT MAGIC! This is the best opportunity to try out formats, meet new players and friendly rivals, and immerse yourself in the culture of Magic: the gathering.

Hobbymaster Event Centre hosts multiple events each Friday, giving you the best variety of formats that we have to offer. Our regular events consist of Draft and free Commander and Standard. FNM is promoted by Wizards of the Coast as a casual, informal setting for players to enjoy one of the things they have in common – their love for MTG.

Draft the newest sets and hone your skills! Restriction breeds creativity after all, and 40 card decks where each card is selected? That’s pretty restrictive!

Hobbymaster FNM Draft!

Format: MTG – Draft Swiss

Start Time: 7:00pm

Entry Fee: $20

Prizes: Each player receives a ticket and with 8 players the first player in the pod will receive 3 additional tickets, and second place receiving 1 additional ticket. They also get to keep their draft decks, plus free FNM promos!

Commander, or EDH, is a multiplayer format where players use 100 cards for the deck – 99 + 1 Commander! (Or 2 Commanders, if you're using Partner Commanders!)

Hobbymaster Free EDH

Format: MTG – Casual Commander

Start Time: 4:00pm onwards

Prizes: FNM Promos given out to all players!

Standard is a format that uses the most recent sets to create 60 card decks plus 15 card sideboards and battle against one another in 1v1 games.

Hobbymaster Free Standard

Format: MTG – Standard

Start Time: 4:30pm onwards

Prizes: FNM Promos given out to all players, plus Hobbymaster tickets will be given out to winning players based on turnout!