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Arcane Rising - Saturday Armory Sealed

11:00am, Saturday 28th March, 2020

Welcome to Arcane Rising!

Meet each other on the fields of battle and prove the superiority of your hero!

Each player will receive 6 boosters from the new Arcane Rising set to create a sealed deck and play in 3+ rounds against their opponents, with winners taking away Hobbymaster Tickets and Armory Promotional material such as cold-steel foils, extended art promo cards and playmats!

We can also host additional sealed or draft events after the first sealed event at the request of the players.

Arcane Rising - Saturday Armory Sealed

Date: Every Saturday

Format: Sealed - Swiss, best of 1

Start Time: 11:00am

Registration fee: $35

Minimum player number: 8

Prizes: All players will receive a Hobbymaster Ticket, as well an additional ticket added to the pool per 2 players for the 1st and 2nd place finishers! 

In addition to this, we will be making use of our Armory Kit support for this event, so first place will take away a 'cold foil' promo weapon card, and top 8 players will take away a extended art promo card each!