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Flesh and Blood: Learn to Play Saturday!

1:30pm, Saturday 28th March, 2020

About Flesh and Blood
Flesh and Blood (FAB) is a new New Zealand-made trading card game, set in the fantasy world of Rathe. You play as a hero, with many classic fantasy classes to choose from. The first FAB product, Welcome to Rathe, introduces Warrior, Guardian, Ninja, and Brute! The class of the hero you choose, dictates the cards you can include in your deck.
Each class has a unique play style. If you like agile synergy, then flip open a pack of Ninja. Robustly powerful? Guardians’ your man. Reckless destruction? Bellow for a Brute! Tactical precision? Duty awaits noble Warrior.
FAB introduces a completely new and innovative game system to the TCG industry, based on the design philosophy of:
  • Start full
  • Reduce variance
  • Every card counts
  • Reward good decisions, not good luck
Every turn of every game there are plays you can make. No mulligans required. During most games, you will see every card in your deck at least once. Games are won through the accumulation of many small decisions, not through slamming “a dragon” and riding it to victory.
Flesh and Blood Learn to Play
Format: Learn to Play
Time: Any time between 1.30pm - 4pm
Entry Fee: Free!
Includes Welcome Deck + Free Booster