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MTG Legacy

11:00am, Sunday 19th April, 2020


$20.00 each
50 tickets left
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Legacy at Hobbymaster now happens EVERY FORTNIGHT!!

Our first Legacy event this month. Meet each other on a battlefield 25 years in the making. High prize payout!


Fortnightly Legacy Open

Format: Swiss Constructed Legacy

Start Time: 11am 

Entry fee: $20

Prizes: 4 Tickets go into the prize pool for each player signed up, with distribution dependent on player numbers (top 4 distribution vs top 8).

Typical prize distribution goes like this:

1st: 50% of prize pool

2nd: 25% of prize pool

3rd and 4th: 12.5% of prize pool each

5th-8th (in case of top 8): Each player gets 4 tickets which are removed from the prize pool before the top 4 prizes are decided. 



Legacy Format and Banlist: https://magic.wizards.com/en/game-info/gameplay/formats/legacy

See you at the next Legacy event! :)