X-Wing 2.0 Jank Tank Tournament

10:00am, Saturday 4th July, 2020

A disease has ravaged the galaxy, and now loose affiliations of bandits have cobbled together squadrons from the random ships and parts found in the abandoned shipyards and spaceports.

  • Players pick a faction and are assigned a randomised list.
  • Only one upgrade or naked ship can be removed, and only one upgrade or naked ship can be added to a list (still within faction and 200 points limit).
  • Then, 4 rounds of swiss will decide who can make the best with what the random gods throw at them. Prizes for success and participation.

To get your randomly assigned list, email captainbuckbeak@gmail.com, and register on https://tabletop.to/xwing-20-jank-tank-tournament-at-hobby-master