Warhammer 40k: Friendly Fire

10:00am, Sunday 18th October, 2020

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Warhammer 40k: Friendly Fire!

Friendly Fire! is a celebration of Warhammer 40k with a full day of gaming on our tabletops, prizes for participation, PLUS a FREE hobby station too for those who wish to paint their models, share techniques for modelling and just soak in the grim dark fun.

Friendly Fire! days are played like a tournament but minus the competitive edge. In three timed rounds in a day at 1750 pts. Pairings will be randomly assigned, or players can choose to fight particular opponents should they like. It's perfect for any level of player.

Players with Hobby Master gaming accounts will receive $20 store credit for the day's play. PLUS we'll have spot prizes and a prize for best painted unit in the beauty pageant will be awarded.

Friendly Fire! will be presided over by the friendly team at Hobby Master.

How does Friendly Fire work?

  • Three missions from the 9th Edition 40k rulebook will be assigned on the day.
  • Each mission will be played at 1750 pts
  • Friendly Fire is designed for casual play and in the spirit of fun. It will be perfect for experimentation, new players and the sheer enjoyment of the hobby.
  • Bring your army list, models, tools and all rules you need for your games.
  • These matches DO NOT count for national ranking.
  • All codexes/faqs legal for use in 9th edition are acceptable for use on the day. 

Should you require a ruling, our handy Hobby Master event judge will be there to assist.