Friday Night Yu-Gi-Oh!

6:30pm, Friday 7th August, 2020

Hobbymaster is pleased to announce we are starting our regular Friday night Yu-Gi-Oh events, in order to grow our local community, the first few events will be free entry with free OTS pack prizes given out!

If you are new to the game and interested in learning, feel free to come down, we are running this as a largely casual event and all of our players are friendly and happy to teach you how to play!

Quick Reference:

Format: Traditional

Entry: Buy a booster

Time: Every Friday night, 6:30pm

Rounds: 3 rounds untimed

Prizes: 1 OTS pack is given out to the winner every night as well as 1 extra given out as a random spot prize for every 8 players (the winner is not elligable for the spot prize).