Malifaux: Fortune Favours

9:00am, Sunday 27th September, 2020

'Take the train out west of Malifaux City and go all the way to the end of the line. You'll find yerself in Fortune Falls. Don't let the name fool yer – it's rotten to the core. But there are riches there, oh yes. Soulstone veins up for grabs, just waitin' to be tapped. All it needs is the right crew to clean house and rule that town!'

With stunning models and a unique steampunk/western/horror (you name it!) setting, Malifaux is one of the richest wargames going. Hobby Master is proud to host tournaments of this exciting game. Malifaux: Fortune Favours is designed for both beginner and advanced players.


Malifaux: Fortune Favours 

Date: Sunday 27th September

Price: $25

There will be prizes to be won, merriment to be had even if - and don't forget - Bad Things Happen!

Size: 50ss tournament, using Gaining Grounds Season 1.
House rules: Dead Man's Hand are allowed, Single Master only.

As there are crews that have models whose cards have been released but no official model available, they may be used without an official model as long as an appropriate proxy is used. Additionally, you may proxy a model so long as you have the official model.
Models are not required to be painted.


- 0900: Registration
- 0915: Player Meeting
- 0930-1200: Round 1
- 1200-1230: Lunch (provided)
- 1230-1500: Round 2
- 1510-1740: Round 3
- 1745-1800: Prize giving.

Round 1
- Symbols of Authority
- Wedge
- Assassinate, Claim Jump, Spread them Out, Vendetta, Leave your Mark

Round 2
- Public Enemies
- Flank
- Breakthrough, Take Prisoner, Catch and Release, Hidden Martyrs, Sabotage

Round 3
- Corrupted Leylines
- Standard
- Leave your mark, Research Mission, Let them Bleed, Runic Binding, Sabotage


New to Malifaux?

If you haven't played before or need a reminder before heading to the tourney, you are invited to take part in the Malifaux learn-to-play league hosted by Hayden at the Auckland Model Citizens which plays on Thursday nights. Click here for more information