Double Masters Release Weekend Draft - FRI 7pm

7:00pm, Friday 7th August, 2020


$55.00 each
21 tickets left
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Welcome to the Double Masters Release Weekend Draft! 

As each draft will use its own sealed box, the draft requires a minimum of 8 players to fire. We will run multiple pods if we have minimum 8 players in each pod at the same time, so don't worry about not getting a chance to play!

Winner gets a choice of one of the two box topper cards in the box! The other card will be raffled to the pod PLUS everyone will get a Core 21 Promo Pack for attending.


Double Masters Release Weekend Draft - FRI 7PM

Format: Draft with expensive packs Swiss

Entry Fee: $55

Start Time: 7pm

Prizes: The winner gets first pick of the two box topper cards from the box! The second topper will be raffled to the remaining players.

All players will receive a Core 21 promo pack for attending.


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