Final Fantasy TCG

6:30pm, Wednesday 30th September, 2020

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Meet up to play Final Fantasy TCG!

Final Fantasy presents its greatest creation - their card game! Join us each week here at Hobby Master to play with your favourite characters in battles beyond the screen. Players compete in a tournament for the weekly prize of foil promotional cards and booster pack prizes.


Final Fantasy TCG Wednesday Open Night

Format: Swiss Constructed

Start time: 6:30pm

Entry fee: $7

Prizes: Each player receives a booster pack of their choice, players also receive a monthly promotional card.

1st place ALSO gets extra booster prizes based on attendance and a foil version of the month's promo card!

If you are interested in playing but have no idea how to play yet, you can check the following resources OR come on in on Wednesday and learn from one of our many experts!

How to play


New Zealand facebook group:

Hobbymaster FFTCG products page