Age of Sigmar – This Means War!

9:00am, Saturday 5th December, 2020

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Age of Sigmar – This Means War! REDUX
We are thrilled to announce our very first two day competitive AOS wargaming event hosted at Hobby Master Events centre. This will be the first of a series competitive format 2day events at 2000pts.

Tickets: $20* per player

  • Ticket includes one pizza lunch on each day valued at $10.
  • *$10 of this entry fee will go to your wargames table fees account credit (i.e. $10 store credit) as if paying a table fee. You must sign up for a Hobby Master account (can do so on the day). Note: Wargames fees credit is in-store only, and will only be activated on the day of the event.

Hobby Master Events Centre
Level 1, 531 Great South Road, Penrose 1060, Auckland

Army Selection:

Armies must be made to 2,000pts, using AoS 2nd Edition rules from their relevant books. General's Handbook 2020 points will be used. Books released up to and including November 2020 may be used.

Models are expected to be battle-ready standard of painted.


Missions and playerpack:
Player pack link

Results and judging:
The TO will be present to resolve any rules queries or concerns. However the results of the tournaments will be judged on the day and are final and no discourse will be entered into after the fact. Results of the tournament will be submitted for rankings.