X-Wing: Kereru Open

9:00am, Saturday 28th November, 2020


$40.00 each
16 tickets left
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"The Outer Rim is a lawless place. It is a haven for smugglers, cartels, syndicates, and all kinds of scum and villainy." ―Jennica Pierce

Kereru Starport is a god-forsaken place, located in a dingy sector of the Outer Rims. Largely ingnored until, that is, Hargrath the Hutt local crime-lord and sleaze-bag posted a prize so grand that few could refuse, a tournament of piloting skill. Only the greatest captains and aces can possibly take the prize. Many have come to prove thier talents. Few will survive. Do you have what it takes to claim victory in the Kereru Open?

X-Wing: Keruru Open

Date: 28th November, 9am – 7pm
Format: X-Wing 2.0 Extended format following the Advanced Tournament Structure
Rounds: 4 rounds swiss with a cut to top 4, 6 rounds total.

Tickets: $40 per player includes:

  • Pizza lunch
  • *$20 of the entry fee will go to your wargames table fees account credit (i.e. $20 store credit). You must sign up for a Hobby Master account (can do so on the day). Note: Wargames fees credit is in-store only, and will only be activated on the day of the event.

Prizes: Prizes for top 4 guaranteed, but more players means more prizes!