MTG Commander Legends Launch - Sunday 12.00pm

12:00pm, Sunday 22nd November, 2020

COVID LEVELS: Click here for more information about Covid Levels at Hobby Master.




Commander Legends Launch – Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd November

This is your first chance to get at the exciting new cards in this new set designed and optimised for Commander play. Come and share in the experience with thousands of Magic: The Gathering players from around the world.


Sunday 22nd November - 12.00pm - Prerelease Draft

Format: MTG Swiss - 3 round Draft - only if Covid Level 1. See Level 2 option below

Entry Fee: $30 including your 3 Commander Legends Draft Booster packs

Prizes: Each player will recieve 1 Hobby Master Ticket. Players that go 1-0 get 2 Hobby Master Tickets, players that go undefeated 2-0 get 4 Hobby Master Tickets.  All participants will receive a pre-release Commander Legends Promo card (while stocks last). Please note pre-registered players will always be given priority for promotional cards. 

Due to limited stock we advise participants to please pre-register for your games to avoid disappointment.

Please ensure you are there at least ten minutes before the event starts to avoid any hassle.


Sealed Level 2 format option

As draft play requires swapping cards between players it is only available in Covid Level 1. If we are inatead at Level 2 we will not be able to run draft format. If this is the case we will be running sealed events instead.

Sealed will consist of 6 Commander Legends Draft boosters, and is $50 per player (less $30 if you bought a draft entry already).

If you have bought a draft ticket and do not wish to participate in a sealed format, you can still pick up your cards and your promotional card (while stocks last) and we welcome to play in the store on the day in a casual format. Please note pre-registered players will always be given priority for promotional cards.


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Friday 20 November

Saturday 21 November

Sunday 22 November

A Wizard's of the Coast account required to play in the event. Please make sure to have one prepared, or to come in at least half an hour before the event to set one up.

Booster boxes of Commander Legends can be picked up along with the buy-a-box promo over this weekend.