Launch Party: Time Spiral Remastered

11:00am, Saturday 20th March, 2021


$40.00 each
48 tickets left
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Go all wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey with the release of MtG: Time Spiral Remastered! By playing in this sealed launch party the tope 30 players will receive a foil Lotus Bloom promo card.

FORMAT Sealed Deck

SET Time Spiral Remastered

Entry: $40
Prizes: Top 30 players will receive one a foil Lotus Bloom promo card. Additionally all players will receive one HM ticket and winners get Time Spiral boosters based on turnout.
Please ensure you are there at least ten minutes before the event starts to avoid any hassle.
A Wizard's of the Coast account required to play in the event. Please make sure to have one prepared, or to come in at least half an hour before the event to set one up.