FaB – Skirmish Sealed

10:00am, Saturday 27th February, 2021

COVID LEVELS: Click here for more information about Covid Levels at Hobby Master.

Hobby Master is proud to host SKIRMISH – a new organised play program designed to bring meaningful and accessible competitive play to Flesh and Blood communities around the world.

Date: Saturday 27th February, 10am
Venue: Hobbymaster Event Centre
Entry: $40 per person
Format: WTR-U Sealed

  • 8 cold foil adult hero cards – awarded to Top 8 qualifiers
  • 2 Scar for a Scar playmats – one awarded to the winner and one as a random participation prize
  • 24 Head Jab "POP art" rainbow foil cards – awarded as participation prizes. If you pre-book online, the first 24 sign ups will be guaranteed one of these cool cards.
We look forward to seeing you there!