Malifaux: May-lifaux Day 1

9:00am, Saturday 22nd May, 2021

May-Lifaux is a Malifaux M3e two day tournament. With stunning models and a unique steampunk/western/horror (you name it!) setting, Malifaux is one of the richest wargames going. Hobby Master is proud to host tournaments of this exciting game.


Malifaux: May-lifaux 2021

Date: Saturday 22nd May - Sunday 23rd May
Price: $50
Catering (Pizza) will be included - including vegan options.

Player pack

Crew Building: 50ss, Fixed Faction, Dead-Man’s hand allowed, Multiple Master hiring allowed (Additional declaration, as described in player pack)

Player pack: 

Each player will receive $20 store credit just for showing up, with additional prize support (numbers dependent) for the below:

1st Place tournament finish
2nd Place tournament finish
3rd Place tournament finish
Best Painted (Single Model, Players choice)
Best painted (Whole crew as player, TO discretion)

Please see the Players pack for encounter info and as always please remember, bad things happen!

New to Malifaux?

If you haven't played before or need a reminder before heading to the tourney, you please reach out to the Malifaux New Zealand FB page