Bolt Action – Operation: Icebreaker

9:00am, Saturday 5th June, 2021


$30.00 each
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Bolt Action at Hobby Master 2021 “Operation Icebreaker”

The 6th of June 1944 was a momentous occasion in the Second World War. It was the allied invasion of Normandy. 77 years later we are recognising this occasion on the 6th of June 2021 with Hobby Master’s inaugural Bolt Action event – Operation Icebreaker.

Operation: Icebreaker
Date: 5th June, 2021
Price: $30
Catering (Pizza) will be included. Please advise of any dietary requirements.

Army Building: 1,000 Point Generic Reinforced Platoons from Army books only.
Please no Theatre Selectors or units from Theatre books, no Armoured Reinforced Platoons.
Three missions will be selected from the Rulebook to be played. Players will not be aware which missions until the day of the event.

- 0900: Registration/ Muster
- 0915: Briefing
- 0930-1200: Round 1
- 1200-1230: Lunch (provided)
- 1230-1500: Round 2
- 1510-1740: Round 3
- 1745-1800: Prize giving.

New to Bolt Action? Reach out to the Bolt Action Australia/ New Zealand or Bunker Monkeys communities.