FaB - Monarch Sealed - Calling Practice

10:30am, Saturday 29th May, 2021

COVID LEVELS: Click here for more information about Covid Levels at Hobby Master.

They say that 'practice makes perfect', and with the first post-Monarch Calling coming soon in June, Hobby Master invites you to audition for this glorious event with our Casting Call events!

Designed purely to practice sealed and drafting in anticipation of The Calling – get the jump on your opponents with Casting Call.


Date: Saturday 29/5, 10.30am
Players: Max 24 players
Format: Sealed Deck (6 boosters Monarch Unlimited per player)
Rounds: 5 rounds swiss (No cut)
Venue: 531 Great South Road, Penrose, Auckland 1061
Price: $30

Prizes: None barring assured victory at The Calling :)

Draft event afterwards: We are running a draft practice session too in the afternoon which you're welcome to attend (16 max players).