Combo Patrol II – 40k Combat Patrol

9:00am, Saturday 28th August, 2021


$30.00 each
40 tickets left
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Combo Patrol is a 4 round Combat Patrol event for players of all skill level, from those scrambling to get 500 points together to those with more models in their pile of shame than they care to admit.

Date:  Saturday 28 August 2021
Location: Hobby Master Events Centre
Price:  $30 (includes lunch and $10 HM store credit*)
Organiser: Stewart Gardener

Please purchase your tickets ahead of time from the Hobby Master website or indicate participation to the organiser.

Please submit your lists before Friday the 26th of February and bring 2 copies of it on the day.

There will be 4 rounds. Each round will last 70 minutes.
Lunch is included in the entry fee and will consist of pizza and sides.
If you have specific dietary requirements please let me know on the day preferably during registration.

Pizza lunch provided as part of entry fee. Prize schedule is described in the player pack.

Full Player pack here:

*Store credit applied on day of event.