MtG: Get Started with Standard

12:00pm, Sunday 22nd August, 2021

COVID LEVELS: Click here for more information about Covid Levels at Hobby Master.

This is an event designed for new, returning or learning players of Magic: The Gathering – bring along your standard deck and play some FREE Standard at Hobby Master! The team at Hobby Master will help you play and answer any questions you have.

Players will compete in three rounds, testing their new brews and having fun.

Need help with deck construction? Give us a call before hand and we can arrange some help with our expert MTG staff members to assist you.

Time: 12pm every Sunday

Price: FREE

Pre-constructed decks. Max 18 players.

Promo items will be given out as spot prizes while stocks last.

Prizes: 1st gets a premium promo pack, 2nd and 3rd each get a regular promo pack and 2 more will be randomly given out to the remaining players as spot prizes.