Flesh and Blood - Tales of Aria Premiere Pre-Release Event at Hobby Master

6:00pm, Saturday 18th September, 2021

COVID LEVELS: Click here for more information about Covid Levels at Hobby Master.

Hi All, Hobby Master owner Andy here. Due to Covid-19 Alert Level restrictions our September FAB Tales of Aria pre-release instore play event will be cancelled in its current form I'm sorry to say. To run it we need to be at Level 2 (at best), and it's fair to say I think that is very unlikely to happen now in Auckland.

We have decided every ticket holder will be invited to take away their boosters* plus 2 randomly assorted cold foil Pre-release Promos from the Friday 17th. We will additionally run a discord online event** on the 18th for those that wish to play OR if you prefer not to or can't make it, just take your cards no worries.

Prizes: As this event is not what you signed up for and we definitely do not want to oblige players to have to come to the store if they feel they shouldn't, we will instead do a random draw for ALL ticket holders for the pre-release mats and spare promo cards too. I feel this is the fairest way to do this as many will not be able to play for a myriad of reasons and I really don't want to force players chasing those promo goodies which are very tempting indeed.

*Can't pick up your packs? We will hold your packs/promos regardless of the level or how long it takes you to get back to us. Pick them up as soon as you feel able/safe to do so. If you want them instead posted please email info@hobbymaster.co.nz to arrange shipping - note there is a modest charge for this option depending on where you are based (approx $5 to Auckland addresses).

**This discord event will only take place in level 3 AND that we also have the product on the day. Hopefully we will be at Level 3 at the time of the pre-release on the 18th, but if not, we will admit defeat and just have an open-play event 😃


Date: 18th September, 6pm start
Venue: Discord, online event – link TBC
Format: Sealed Deck (6 boosters per player to build a 30 card minimum deck)
Rounds: # Rounds 
turn out dependent swiss (No cut)