Pokémon Wednesdays

7:00pm, Wednesday 2nd March, 2022

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Pokémon is back at Hobby Master!

Casual Pokémon night occurs every Wednesday night from 7pm! 


Pokémon Wednesday

Format: Casual pick up and play with Standard format and a Secondary format (Try to bring one of each type of deck if possible)

Standard: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/2021-season-pokemon-tcg-format-rotation/

Secondary: Standard deck construction rules (Sword and Shield Base Set onwards). Will usually be pinned in an announcement on our TCG New Zealand Facebook Group

Start time: 7pm

Entry: Free


League Mission:

Most Pokemon Leagues in New Zealand usually involve a Swiss Tournament during each session, usually played in the Standard Format. We wanted to do things differently and have a place where fans of Pokemon can hang out after work midweek, and do some trading, training and battling in a casual, friendly environment. 

That’s why we wanted to try casual pick-up games with players bringing decks for one of the two possible formats for the session. The secondary format will usually allow for more accessibility to the casual player who is just starting out and trying to build their own deck. 

We can run Swiss Tournaments if there is enough interest from the league attendees on the night, but equally we would like to introduce new and fun ways to enjoy and play the Pokemon Trading Card Game – such as Raid Battle formats, Magnezone (2 vs 2) formats and many others. 

Video Game players, Pokemon GO fans and TCG collectors who just want to come and trade some cards* / breedjects / shinies are welcome too!


*Card trading at Hobby Master: Trading of cards is encouraged at Hobby Master, but money transactions are NOT permitted at the store premises or car-park. If you are exhanging cards for money, please arrange this off-site.