FaB RE-Armory – Oldhim

6:30pm, Thursday 27th January, 2022

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Last year we missed a few armories during lockdowns. So to catch up, we've been offering the missing Armories each month on Thursday to our players which we've called 'Re-Armory'! January will be Oldhim. Once we've caught up, Thursdays will return to Casual FAB night.

Join in on the amazing and locally produced TCG Flesh and Blood at Hobbymaster.

For our Re-Armories, we're running the fast and fun Blitz format.

Re-Armory Format:

Date: Thursday
Start Time: 6.30pm
Registration fee:

  • $10 – Blitz (up to 5 rounds)

Blitz - 1 Hobbymaster ticket per player, plus 1 ticket per player will be added to the prize pool for the night. Prize pool distribution: given out from first place to eighth in a ratio of 30%, 20%, 15%, 15%, 5%, 5%, 5%, 5%.

Armory Kit - We will be making use of our Armory Kit support on FaB Tuesdays.
For the Festive Season, the winner on the night will be awarded a 'cold foil' promo card: Titan's Fist. In the case of a tie, the winner will be allocated randomly between top players.

2nd & 3rd place: will be awarded a 'rainbow foil' promo card: Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity. In the case of ties, the promo cards will be allocated by ranking, or in the rare case of a tie, randomly.

Rainbow Foil Extended Arts: We have 24 'rainbow foil extended art' Polar Blast to give away during the season, 8 of each ptich valuue, 6 per week. These cards will be randomly awarded to players who did not receive a cold or rainbow foil for the Re-Armory night.

Playmats: In addition, we have two playmats to give away each monthly Armory season. To kick off the season in style, on the first Re-Armory of the month, one will go to a random lucky player.

Then, on the third Re-Armory, our players will be asked to vote for their player's champion who will also receive a coveted playmat.