Mystery Modern Mayhem

11:00am, Saturday 22nd January, 2022

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Prove you're the Mysterious Master of Modern Mayhem!

Modern is one of the most popular formats of MTG. So we reckon it's time for our players of this illustrious format to prove who is the most mysterious Modern Master! Top players will split a box of Convention Mystery Boosters.

Modern Mayhem

Format: Modern Constructed, cut to Top 8

Registration fee: $30

Time: 11am

Date: 22nd January 2022

Prizes: Each player will receive a Convention Mystery booster for participating and each player will add a Hobby Master 1.5 tickets to the prize pool.

1st to 4th place: Share a Convention Mystery Booster Box (Divided 8/6/5/5 boosters respectively)
1st to 8th place: Each receive a portion of the total prize pool given out from second place to eighth in a ratio of 40%, 20%, 20%, 5%, 5%, 5%, 5%
PLUS Spot Prizes