Malifaux: Mortal Rumination

10:00am, Sunday 20th February, 2022

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Malifaux is burning! Old powers are reborn and the fates will never be the same...


Date: 20/02/22
Venue: Hobby Master Events Centre, Penrose
Round 1 Start time: 10:00am
Price: $30, includes participation merch, $10 store credit and lunch (Hell Pizza)

Gaining Grounds 2, Fixed Crew, 50ss, 3 rounds

Player pack:

Fixed Crew Event - see player's pack for more details.
Malifaux Burns: Allowed.
Dead man’s hand: Not allowed


*Following the demonstration of an interaction within the Ressurectionists faction that is likely to cause a negative play experience, Ressurectionist players who select Seamus as their master will not be allowed to hire McMourning as an additional master hire.

**As there is currently an imbalance of officially released title boxes across all factions, all Malifaux Burns content will be allowed provided they are represented by a suitably fashioned proxy and are accompanied by a physical card for opponents to reference.