AoS: Return to the Labyrinth Narrative Event

9:30am, Sunday 15th May, 2022

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In the depths of Shyish an ancient empire long since thought extinct housed their greatest treasures and interred their very bodies into a mighty necropolis. It was built so elaborately by the mad Necrotects and Liche Priests that it was deemed impregnable, thus allowing the Phaerons eternal and undisturbed rest, secure in the knowledge that none would ever be able to defile their sanctity. This vast edifice took generations to construct. It was called The Labyrinth of Eternity.


Revived for a new edition, TO Andy has brought back and updated his weird narrative tournament: The Labyrinth of Eternity. This event uses matched play rules but be warned: your army will face unknown perils, twists and turns, curses and boons at the hands of a mad master of the maze. While matched play rules are designed primarily for balance, the maze WILL unbalance your games, perhaps putting you in a no-win position or even granting you supreme dominance. The idea is that you come armed for fun, not fairness. Due to this, the Labyrinth event will not contribute to national rankings.

Venue: Hobby Master Events

Date: Sunday 15 May

Price: $35

TO: Andy Long

Includes pizza lunch, $10 store credit per player, trophies awarded to The Artist (best painted Hero), The Renaissance Player (best army), The Bard (best narrative), and finally The Champion (the supreme victor of the Labyrinth).

Player pack:

Narrative: Read the introduction story of The Labyrinth of Eternity in the player pack. Email your narative back story (limit to 400 words) to by May 1st.

Army Selection: Register your army at by May 1st

  • Army Composition 1,000 points. Players will select their army using Matched Play rules. Any unit that has points in the GHB2021, and later battletomes can be used.
  • Legends units and armies CAN be used however warscroll battalions cannot.
  • No more than half of your points can be spent on a single unit. Units that are paid for as a ‘set’ count as a single unit despite being multiple units in-game.
  • You MUST take at least 2 Hero in your force, one of which must have the Wizard or Priest keyword.


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