X-Wing: The Droids You're Looking For

10:00am, Saturday 14th May, 2022

Pilots! It's a whole new world of X-Wing games out there with the latest rules update and  AMG's latest organised play kit "The Droids You're Looking For" for us to have some exciting games with!

Event: The Droids You're Looking For
Format: Hotshot
Tickets: $35 for the day, which gets you your table fee and swag, $10 store credit, and pizza for lunch

This event will be a series of games played in a casual-competitive tournament style, with the number of rounds being determined by the amount of players who sign up. Though at minimum there will be four roughly 75-minute rounds, with a 10-minute break between rounds.
We will of course be using all the latest rules for this event, which means everything that is 'official' and on AMG's website at the time of the tournament. At time of writing, this event will be a 'Hotshot' event (but you do not have to know exactly what that means).

We will be cycling through the new scenarios, with each round having a different scenario from AMG's official list of released game modes.

As with all of the Hobby Master events, players of all skill levels and experience are absolutely welcome, and no matter how your games go, you will be going home on the day with some swag. If you're a new or kitchen-table player, we are super keen to meet you and have you along for a day of fun Star Wars goodness!