FaB – ProQuest Season 2

10:30am, Saturday 28th May, 2022


$40.00 each
42 tickets left
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Hobby Master are immensely proud to be hosting an Auckland leg of ProQuest season 2, a Classic Constructed event which allows winners to get into the prestigious Pro tour. By winning our event, not only will you have the chance to win a Gold foil card, but you'll get vouchers to help fly you to Pro Tour Lille, France!

Proquest Season 2

Date: Saturday 28th May
Arrive by: 10.30am
Playing starts: 11am
Venue: Hobby Master Event Centre

Entry: $40 per person
Availability: 64 tickets

Format: Classic Constructed (Swiss)

  • Cut to top 8
  • Winner:
    • Random Drop Gold Cold Foil card
    • Invitation to the ProTour
    • A flight voucher valued at $15 per player (max. value of $960).
    • Dragon Shield Limited Edition Sleeves
  • Top 8: Each take a box of FAB Dragon Shield Limited Edition Sleeves + a share of First Edition Tales of Aria boosters** 
  • Top 8 Spot Prize: A first edition Tales of Aria booster box randomly drawn from the players inside the top 8
  • Participation*: All players will be each awarded booster Packs
  • Spot Prize: A first edition Tales of Aria booster box randomly drawn from those outside the top 8 (we'll add another box if we get more than 30 players)

Decklists are mandatory for this event, you can find the Deck Registration Sheets here: 

* Prizes are awarded to participating players. Participation is considered to be playing in the event until the cut. Absence for any reason (eg illness, lateness, dropping) will mean promotional cards and items are given to the next player in line. Promo cards will be randomly allocated to players, we will not allocate them by request.

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