Mad Mork 4: Dakka Road

9:00am, Saturday 11th June, 2022


$35.00 each
10 tickets left
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“Return my treasures to me, and I myself will carry you through the gates of Valhalla. You shall ride eternal. Shiny, and chrome!” – Immortan Mork


We are continuing the Mad Max theme with the next great event; Mad Mork 4: Dakka Road. Oh, what a day! WHAT A LOVELY DAY!


40k Tournament - Mad Mork 4: Dakka Road

Date: 11/6 @ 9.00am

Cost: $35

Organiser: Stewart -

Lunch provided - Pizza

$10 Applied as credit to your in-store account.

$10 to cover lunch

$15 to Prize pool

10% discount on all 40k products for players of the event.

Army list submission by 4/6




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