FaB - Uprising Prerelease

10:30am, Saturday 18th June, 2022

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Hobby Master are proud to host a sealed prerelease event for Flesh and Blood: Uprising. Players will take away boosters of this awesome new set and participation rainbow foils for attending.

Uprising Pre-Release

Date: Saturday 18th June
Arrive by: 10.30am
Playing starts: 11am
Venue: Hobby Master Event Centre

Entry: $55 per person
Availability: 48 tickets

Format: Sealed

  • Cut to top 8
  • Participation 
  • Both a Rainbow Foil Helio's Mitre, and a Rainbow Foil Extended Art Phoenix Flame
  • Less than 20 players: 2x FaB: Uprising Boosters for participation
  • 20 or more players: 3x FaB: Uprising  Boosters for participation
  • 30 or more players: A booster box of FaB: Uprising will be given out to one lucky player outside of the top 8.
  • Cut to Top 8 draft

    • Top 8 players will draft for victory (players keep their draft cards)
  • Winner

    • Receives a box of Flesh and Blood: Uprising