ANZ Magic Super Series - Qualifier 2

10:30am, Saturday 27th August, 2022


$20.00 each
32 tickets left
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Hobby Master is proud to be hosting two qualifying rounds for the first cycle of the ANZ Magic Super Series, a program for Magic The Gathering for the Australian and New Zealand region.

Each year is a Season made up of three Cycles. Each Cycle will have Store Qualifiers that any WPN Location in Australia or New Zealand can register and be a part of. Players can enter as many Store Qualifiers as they wish and the winner of each Store Qualifier will then qualify for that Cycles Super Series Final in Sydney, Australia*.

Top Finishers in each Super Series Final will win places at the Pro Tour and cash prizes.

ANZ Magic Super Series at Hobby Master - Qualifier 2 - Cycle One

Format: Pioneer

Registration fee: $20 (includes 2x Hobby Master Tickets)

Time: 10.30am

Date: 27th August 2022

REL: Competitive – deck lists must be supplied. You can download a decklist sheet here:



  • Participation: Every player will get a Lava Spike and two Hobby Master Tickets
  • Top 8 will also get a Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
  • First place will take away a foil Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx and will qualify for the Cycle One Super Series Final which will be played in Sydney, Australia, 25-27 November 2022*

*Travel Assistance to Australia: The organisers will have a budget to assist qualified players attending the Super Series Final.

A Wizards of the Coast account is required to play in the event. Please have your account ready beforehand, and if possible the Magic Companion App downloaded on your phone. If you haven't got an account, please arrive half an hour before the event and we can help you set one up.


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