MCP - Unstoppable Colossus Game Day

10:00am, Saturday 23rd July, 2022


$40.00 each
3 tickets left
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MCP Game Night - Ultimate Colossus
Date: 23/7 @ 10am
Cost: $40
Lunch provided - Pizza
$5 Applied as credit to your in store account.
$10 to cover lunch
$25 for Game Night Kit
10% discount on all MCP products on the day of the tournament.
This is a Game Night using the Ultimate Encounter - Unstoppable Colossus.
Each player will receive a game night kit, with all the rules and tokens needed to play the Unstoppable Colossus Ultimate Encounter PLUS each player will receive a 3D Resin printed version of the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak empowered Colossus!