Horus Heresy Paint'n'Play

11:00am, Saturday 13th August, 2022

The Imperium of mankind is split in twain. The Emperor's loyalists desperately fight to retain control from the growing traitor armies of Horus and the forces of Chaos. The Horus Heresy wages galaxy-wide.

Join us for a day of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy, the new edition of the acclaimed game. At our HH event we'll be painting, building models and playing games of HH where you can chat with seasoned players, learn to play the game and delve into the deep lore of the Horus Heresy.

What are Hobby Master Paint’n’Play days? 

It’s a free event day to come along with no pre booked games, sit down and build or paint up some of your minis in a group of like-minded gamers and get in some impromptu games of your favourite game systems. 

• Come in to just get some games in. 

• Learn about or try a new game that you may be curious about. 

• See others painting methods and potentially learn new techniques.

• Meet new people in the hobby.   


Time: 11am to 6pm

Cost: Free