Age of Sigmar: Once Bitten, Twice Shyish

9:00am, Sunday 28th August, 2022


$35.00 each
12 tickets left
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Go to war in the Realms in our monthly Age of Sigmar event season! This event is 2k points and on top of being a fun day battling it out, it's the perfect way for Auckland players to earn points to enter warlords.

Venue: Hobbymaster Events Centre

Date: Sunday 28th August

Price: $35

TO: Andy Long

Includes pizza lunch, $10 store credit per player, trophies awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and best painted and spot prizes to participating players.

Player pack:

Register your army here:

Army Selection:
Armies must be made to 2000pts, using AoS 3rd Edition rules from their relevant books. General's Handbook 2022 Pitched Battle Profiles points will be used. New rules realeased up to a week before the event may be used.

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