MtG: MH3 Brewer's Showcase Tournament - Modern

10:30am, Sunday 23rd June, 2024


$30.00 each
36 tickets left
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Brewer's Showcase Tournament: Modern Horizons 3

In the Brewer's Showcase, you will be challenged to showcase your deckbuilding ability by integrating new and new-to-Modern cards into your existing Modern decks—or by building a new deck entirely made of new cards entering the format with Modern Horizons 3 to really put their skills to the test.
To compete, players’ decks must be Modern-legal and must consist of a minimum of 20% of cards whose first Modern-legal printing was in Modern Horizons 3*. For example, a Modern Horizons 3 copy of Windswept Heath, a Special Guest copy of Solitude, or a basic land from the set would not contribute to this percentage, as these cards were legal in the Modern format before the release of Modern Horizons 3.
*Decks must include a minimum of 15 cards across main and sideboard whose first Modern-legal printing was in Modern Horizons 3.

Format: Modern Comp Rel (DECKLISTS REQUIRED)

Registration fee: $30* 

Time:  10:30am 

Date: Sunday 23 June 2024

Prizes: *each player adds an MH3 play booster to the prize pool

  • Top 16: will receive a Basri Ket card sleeves set.
  • Top 8: will receive a Basri Ket playmat
  • 2nd to 8th: will receive a share of the play boosters in the prize pool
  • Winner: will recieve an MH3 Collector Booster Box

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