MTG Commander Night

6:30pm, Wednesday 17th July, 2024

Commander Club is a time honoured tradition of Hobbymaster played on Wednesday nights. Players are sorted into pods of 3-4 players and play against decks featuring cards from all across the timeline of Magic: The Gathering!

Commander is a format which allows players to select a Legendary creature to be the general of their 100 card deck.

Each night consists of two rounds, starting at 6:30pm and the second round starting on the dot at 8:00pm. Players are encouraged to arrive for the 6:30 round, but if you’re late just give us a call and we can slot you in for the second round, no problem at all.


Wednesday Commander Club

Format: MTG Commander

Start time: 6:30pm

Entry: Buy a Magic Booster

Prizes: Players will receive promo cards for participating in Commander Night

Note: Proxy cards are not accepted at MTG Wednesday Commander Night as it is a sanctioned event under Wizards guidelines.

Resources (click the links below!):

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